Term Of Services

Welcome to the terms of services page for Organic Social Boost, a well-
reputed and professional platform to grow your social media reputation
See below about our policies and services. By reading this page, you may
know about the privacies and policies of the services and the charges that we
offer. The Organic Social Boost purely makes these policies and benefits.

Read below for more information!

1. Purchases
In case if you want to purchase a specific service and package, click on the box
and then move forward towards the Service. Now enter the information using
your exact name, email address, and your credit card to pay the fee. Also, don’t
forget to join your issuance date of credit card and its expiry date.
We hope the whole team will see your detail, and then we will serve you as
per your need depending on the detail you provided. I.e. for basic plans, you
will receive page and post likes as per the number mentioned there.
We also encourage case if you need any refund or want to cancel your order
for any reason. But firstly, you need to mention an exact cause, and we will
directly cancel the order.

2. Copyright Policy
We are free of copyright issues as the content and services are based upon our
users and experts. But in case if you find anything susceptive or copyrighted
claimed on our website, you are free to mention it anytime.

3. Accounts
When you create an account with us, you guarantee that you are above 18 as
we are not based on adult or gambling based content. Also, make sure that the
information you provide us is accurate, complete, and current at all times.
Inaccurate, incomplete, or obsolete information may result in the immediate
termination of your account on Service.

4. Refunds
If you are not satisfied with us, you can make a refund request within 15 days
of the order completion date.

5. Fee/ Charges
All the fees are mentioned on each of the specific packages and specific
services. All the prices and chances are very affordable, and every one of you
can quickly pay.
In case if we have any price change plan or anything other in the package, we
will send you a prior notification on the Gmail you mentioned while signing up

6. Free Trial
We don’t offer any free trial before the Service but if you want to try our
services once then you can choose a basic plan which is very affordable and
hence you can try us to build up the trust.

Note: If you think that we missed anything to mention or change our terms of
services for you, you are welcome to share your ideas.

So please don’t wait and get our excellent services to get results within
days instead of waiting for months.

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