How to create Facebook ads?

If you have a Facebook business page, you can create a Facebook ad campaign in the Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager directly. You’ll be required to make a business page first if you have not one already.

When you advertise on Facebook, you can reach people who aren’t already fans of your Page and develop new customer relationships. You can accomplish this by running advertising from your Facebook Page on a desktop or specific mobile devices.

You may generate many ad formats from your Facebook Page. They allow you to boost an existing post, promote your website, increase traffic to your local business, and do various other things. Choose the proper aim and ad format to help you achieve your specific campaign objectives.

How can I create ads using Facebook Ads Manager?

Log in to Facebook Ads Manager, visit the Campaigns page, and tick Create to make a new Facebook ad campaign.

In five easy steps, you can use Facebook as a powerful business manager for advertising:

Campaign objective:

Here are some examples of ad campaign objectives to consider: 

  • Promote Your Page
  • Build Your Business
  • Get More Messages
  • Boost an Instagram existing Post

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Put your imagination:

Visuals, text, and a call-to-action button are the three main components of your ad. The visuals can be a video or an image, and the text complements the image and directs your clients. This button prompts users to go on a further stage.

Determine your target audience

When creating a Facebook ad, consider the types of people who are most likely interested in your service. 

Select a time frame and a budget

Determine how much money you can pay for a day and what duration you want your ad to run.

Select where you desire your Facebook ad to appear.

You have the option of having it displayed on both Facebook and Instagram.

How to set up Facebook ad campaigns with AdEspresso?

Numerous individuals find Facebook Ads Manager overly complicated, clumsy, and difficult to use. AdEspresso is a web-based solution that enables you to construct complex campaigns and does split testing without unnecessary fluff and inconvenient features of Facebook Ads Manager.

After login into your AdEspresso account, select the New campaign in the top left corner of the home screen to get started. 

AdEspresso is similar to Ads Manager—the guidance is available over the entire campaign design process stage by stage in an evident and sensible command.

The first step is to name the campaign and decide what kind of campaign you want to build. You can make a Google ad campaign or a Facebook campaign, and you can initiate from scrape or use a scheme or already published campaign to plan your Facebook campaign.

Tell me the Facebook Ads Manager?

Ads Manager is a Facebook application that allows you to design and manage Facebook ads. There are options to watch, change settings, and view outcomes for entire Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads. You can use Ads Manager for:

Starting advertising campaigns:

Ads Manager allows you to construct your Facebook ads step-by-step using ad creation. When you make an ad, you select the marketing strategy, the audience you want to approach, the locations where your ad will show, and the ad form.

Managing many adverts at the same time:

In Facebook Ads Manager, you may adjust variables such as audience, budget, and placements across many ads and duplicate them to generate clones of your ads.

Examining the effectiveness of your advertisements:

View the most recent data on the performance of your advertisements and schedule reports. You may see results at the account level to get a high-level picture of how all of your campaigns are performing, apply breakdowns to see the metrics that matter to you, and generate or schedule Facebook ad reports.

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How to set up a Facebook ad campaign?

Visit Ads Manager’s Campaigns tab and press the green +Create button to begin a campaign.

Choose a campaign objective:

On Facebook, you can select from several ad campaigns objectives that correspond to your advertising aims. Store Traffic, for example, would be used to bring traffic to a physical site. 

Give a name:

Naming standards for the ad campaigns can help you arrange them as you extend and run ads. It also prepares you for hyper-efficient reporting later on when you’re ready to review your results.

Make some decision:

You must make certain decisions on the campaign as a whole. Such as:

  • Facebook ads Campaign budget optimization
  • Special Facebook ad categories
  • A/B testing

Organize the budget and bids for your Ad campaigns

Organize audience targeting

Organize your placements

Organize your Facebook advertising strategy

Why do people use Facebook for advertising?

Facebook is one of the world’s most famous marketing platforms. As the social media monster grew to over 2.7 billion active members, it expanded its advertising network to accommodate a broad spectrum of businesses.

People are using Facebook ads manager for the following advantages:

  • You can target your specific audiences with micro-targeting.
  • Its retail ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is maximum for any social platform
  • Better Facebook ad format for your company’s requirements
  • Are inexpensive (you set your own budget)
  • Remarketing 
  • Produce results quickly.
  • Offers ads for your particular business campaign objectives
  • Approach to the world’s most incredible viewers and Strong, in-depth data
  • A/B ad testing for improved performance
  • Pay-per-click ads are simple to set up
  • Filter ads to stop viewers you don’t need
  • Estimates of Facebook ads performance and forecasting
  • Sponsored communications provide significant advantages.
  • Reach more people 
  • Produce better content marketing outcomes.

How to use and navigate the Ads Manager

Begin by going to the Facebook Ads Manager and following the steps:

Main Navigation Menu:

Click the dots symbol to navigate additional tools such as Facebook Audiences or Business ads Manager.

Create New Facebook Ad Campaigns: 

To create new Facebook ad campaigns, go here.

Campaign View: 

When you initiate to run Facebook ads campaigns, this view will provide you with information about all of them.

Ad Set View: 

Ad set view displays information about each of your ad sets, allowing you to compare them.

Ads View: 

This view displays information about each ad you are running.


To view various analytics about your Facebook ad campaigns, multiple ad sets, or Facebook ads, toggle different columns in this drop-down menu.

Ad Campaign Breakdown: 

Through Breakdown, you can screen your outcomes by delivery, time, or action.

How to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook Advertising needs precise decision-making. The image, caption, and pricing you choose for a Facebook ad campaign can decide whether it misses or hits the target. To begin, you should keep in mind the following questions so that you may plan your next Facebook ad properly: 

  • Who is your custom audience? 
  • How much should you budget for monthly Ad campaigns? 
  • Are your image’s proportions accurate and of a suitable Facebook pixel? 
  • Will your Facebook ads be mobile-friendly?

Before getting into the multifaceted Facebook advertising platform process, the type of Facebook ad you use will play a significant role in your success. These advertisements can assist you in raising brand knowledge, raising involvement, and compelling sales. Find out which solution fits the best for you and your company.

Follow the steps given below

  • Log in to Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Set a first campaign objective.
  • Examine the competition
  • Understand your target market.
  • Make a budget.
  • Make your ad
  • Make your content better.
  • Merge Instagram 
  • Increase conversion
  • Facebook Ads should be optimized.

Types of Facebook ads :

Following are different Facebook ad types:

Image ads:

Using an intriguing, professionally taken image of a suitable Facebook pixel can attract consumers to your business. Dynamic Collection

Depending on their interests and previous purchases, customers are directed to your products via the collection ad type. Customers who press on your ad will be redirected to the Facebook page of your product.

Video ads:

When advertising on Facebook, video views are the most effective approach to getting people’s attention, you can get more video views by creating a video that describes who you are, what you offer, and how your offerings can benefit clients. 

Carousel Ads:

You can showcase about ten services or items in a single Facebook ad specs. You may also use carousel ads to display multiple aspects of a single product.

Slideshow Ads:

If you don’t have the funds or time to create video ads, use a slideshow of image ads to accomplish the same impact. Slideshow ads load faster than videos, can be completed in minutes, and are another excellent way to display your products.

Do you want to learn more about building your business?

Want to learn more about building a Facebook business? Here are some tips.

Begin the conversation:

What counts the most to your audience? What ignites their interest? Begin the chat and get comments on the news feed to find out. 

Motivate others:

Do you want users to like your Page or buy your product? Give them a better reason to take action.

Include your customers in your news feed:

By encouraging clients to provide feedback on your products and services, you will not only increase engagement and trust, but you will also have the potential to reach a more extensive audience network.

Make customer service your specialty:

Excellent service distinguishes businesses and keeps customers loyal. Pages are messaging, and news is a quick and easy way to respond to consumer inquiries and remain in touch.

Use Insights to learn what works:

Every Page has access to the insights. Through this, you can discover who is looking at your Page, when they are looking at it, and how they are looking. You can also observe the types of material people engage with the most, allowing you to determine what works best.


How do I create an ad on Facebook step by step?

  • Choose an objective.
  • Use your creativity
  • Define your audience targeting.
  • Select a time frame and a budget.
  • Select where you desire your ads to show.

Can you create Facebook ads for free?

Yes, creating Facebook ads for free is possible. Different online store apps such as canva and vistaCreate allow you to make free Facebook ads.

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How much does it cost to create a Facebook ad?

You can run Facebook ads, Audience Network, and Instagram at any cost. Some individuals waste more money on coffee every day than a single Facebook ad campaign budget. The particular ad auction of Facebook determines the exact cost of your ad being shown to someone.

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