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Are 2,500 Facebook “Video Views” beneficial to an account on Facebook?

More video views can easily add value to your Facebook account, and 2500 Facebook Video Views are of great value addition.

Accounts with fewer followers and reach can use this package to their advantage.

This 2,500 “Video Views” package offers the user the following features:

  • Refund Policy
  • Easy Order Method
  • Safe Payment System


How do I buy 2500 video views for my Facebook account?

The easiest and most effective way is to use our website, which provides a variety of cost-effective social media packages like this one.

You only need to copy the URL for your Facebook video and paste it into the link box on this page.

Then you will be led to the checkout page, where you will enter your information to complete the order.


Can 2500 Facebook video views make my Facebook page eligible for monetization? 

The number of video views is not a required factor for eligibility for your page or profile.

There are other things that you must keep in mind before you go for monetization of your page or profile.

The eligibility is determined by a few technical factors, such as “Total minutes viewed” and “Active videos.”

The 3 guidelines that you must follow are Partner Monetization Policies, Facebook Community Standards, and Content Monetization Policies.

After your account is clear of all these 3 guidelines, you can check the next requirements. 

  • The VOD (video on demand) content must have at least 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days of time.
  • For the live videos, the criteria are 60,000 views from a total of 600,000 total minutes viewed.
  • There must also be at least 5 active videos on your profile or page to qualify. They can be either live or on demand. 

Also note that they will not be re-shared videos, as they will not be accepted.

  • If your video is longer than 3 minutes, it is advisable to plan a regular break at the one-minute mark. 
  • For the videos to qualify for in-stream advertisements, they must be at least one minute long.
  • Even though in-stream monetization allows for videos that are shorter than 3 minutes, content must meet the minimum standards for publishing a 3-minute video in order to include in-stream advertisements in your videos.