How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace ?

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    How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace ?


    Facebook is the largest social media account with active users. It can be used as a marketplace. But the question is how to sell on Facebook marketplace. To sell items on the Facebook marketplace, there are the following steps that you should follow.


    Setup Facebook marketplace account :

    If you are an active user of Facebook then you can do Facebook marketing easily. Go to the Facebook profile, click on the left-hand side, you will see a marketplace. If the marketplace is not showing, search the marketplace in the search bar. Your Facebook profile should be real so that people feel free to buy from you.


    What type of products you should sell on Facebook ?

    You can sell almost anything on the Facebook marketplace like craigslist and eBay. This includes video games, kitchen items, old furniture, books, used electronics, toys, sporting goods, pet supplies, musical instruments…anything!

    Look around what other people are selling on the Facebook marketplace. Read their product description and also observe products images. Keep all these points in your mind.


    Products Research :

    It is important to do some product research to know what is profitable for you. Effective product research is data-driven: it perceives how many modules of a given item sell over time and at what cost, and how many other sellers compete for the same consumers within a specific niche. For this purpose, you do not need to use the software. With the help of profitability, demand, and competition.


    Where can I find products to sell on Facebook?

    How would you get your hands on these goods now that you’ve determined what will sell on Facebook? Procurement products for Facebook are, in general, equivalent to obtaining products for eBay. The retail arbitrage route, in my view, is the ideal way to go.

    But there are a few other approaches that are sources of products.

    • Resell products from retail stores.
    • Sell your products.
    • From thrift store.
    • From garage and estate sales.

    List your products :

    After going through the above process, you’ll need a marketplace listing. You can easily list products on the Facebook marketplace.

    • Go on the left-hand side, click marketplace.
    • Tap create a new listing.
    • Choose the type of sale and click on it.
    • Upload product image, Create eye-catchy SEO optimized title and relevant details.
    • Preview before clicking next.
    • Select delivery method.
    • Facebook marketplace payment details depend on you.
    • List the products in the marketplace and also in local selling groups.
    • Click publish and your product is now for sale.

    Advance selling tips :

    There are a few tips to boost your sales.

    • Renew your product listing.
    • Offer local delivery.
    • Add crisp photos.
    • Add tags.
    • Post your product listing in buy and sell groups.
    • Buy Facebook Followers from us, it will boost your listing and your listing item sold easily.

    Why Facebook Marketplace is a great opportunity for Businesses?

    Selling your belongings online has grown in popularity as an alternative to garage sales. Do you want to find new ways to sell your products? If that’s the case, Facebook Marketplace permits interested parties to sell its goods on one of the world’s largest social media networks. Facebook Marketplace is a cheap version for casual sellers that links you with potential buyers in your location.


    Benefits of Facebook marketplace :

    Facebook marketplace will help you to reach potential buyers. e.g : if someone is searching for furniture, he will be able to see your products. If his requirement matches your product, he will contact you. It also includes payment method, shipping price, and other options as well.


    The buyer will get all information about the product:

    On Facebook, you’ll provide all the information that the buyer needed before purchasing the item. They do not need to visit other sites to get information. In the description box, you will provide the product’s details. There is also a star rating option and review from which buyers can get the idea of either people like products or not. Buyers can order from the Facebook app easily.


    Seller doesn’t have to pay for listing :

    Facebook charges nothing for listing the products or account settings. You have to pay only when you sell your product. Facebook deducts a 5% selling fee.


    Direct Connection with You:

    It is a great option that will let sell quickly. When a user likes your product, he will text you. You’ll connect them via the Facebook messenger app and answer questions in the meantime.


    Mobile-friendly listing:

    Facebook features a mobile-friendly listing. 98% of people are mobile phone Facebook users. You don’t need any adjustment for mobile phone users because it is already adapted for mobile devices.


    Brand exposure:

    You can get brand business leads by using Facebook Marketplace. When you list your goods on the Online market, the name of your brand appears below the product. Even if no one clicks on your listing, they will be subjected to your brand.

    They’ll note your company and may even return to your listing to rethink purchasing!


    How Shipping Works As a Facebook Marketplace Seller?

    Initially, shipping on Facebook Marketplace needed the sellers and prospective buyers to coordinate a pick-up or delivery schedule. That has altered with Facebook’s new shipping functionality. Facebook marketplace shipping is available once you create an account for online checkout and shipping. If you are going to sell, you can now use Facebook marketplace shipping to deliver stuff directly to your customer, or you can have them delivered directly to you if you are purchasing.


    Shipping via Facebook Marketplace is a simple process. This is how it works. There are a few points that you should

    follow when start selling products.

    • List your products on the Facebook marketplace.
    • When the buyer wants to purchase the item, he will provide you with his shipping address(Note: Facebook is a secure place and keep your sensitive information secure).
    • When shipping Facebook marketplace products, sellers must now provide tracking details for every order.
    • If there is a problem with the order, such as an incorrect or broken item, the customer can contact the owner directly to resolve the issue. If the buyer or seller requires assistance other than issuing a refund, the contracting party can always contact Facebook marketplace help.
    • After receiving the delivery assurance,  the seller will receive payment in 5 business days. Facebook charges a 5% selling fee. If the delivery confirmation is not received, the seller will receive a payment within 15 to 20 days. 

    What to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

    Furniture, toys, clothing lots, and tools are among the best items to sell on Facebook Marketplace. You will have more achievement and make even more money if you do some investigation before selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace.

    If you want to sell used items, then Facebook is the best place.

    There are several things that you can sell on Facebook and make money. Below is the list of those items:

    • Small Furniture(Chairs, tables, stools)
    • Second-hand furniture
    • Kids clothing lots
    • Home decoration items
    • Tools
    • Building material
    • Used cars
    • Toys
    • designer clothing
    • Baby care
    • Rugs
    • Light Fixture
    • Handmade artists
    • Electronic devices

    If you want to make some quick cash, go through your house and see if you can find anything on this lineup or unwanted stuff that you can market on Facebook Marketplace! You’ll be amazed at how much you can market if you do your investigations first, price it correctly, and take high-quality photos. Best wishes!


    Advanced selling tips for Facebook Marketplace :

    Aside from boosting your listing, there are a few other things you can do to sell faster your products on Facebook Marketplace. Let’s go over some highly developed selling strategies to help you get far more clients.


    Set Reasonable Price:

    Before demanding price, search out completely what other people are asking price for the same product. Ensure that your product price should not be too high and too low. Inspect and compare prices with other retailers, then set a fair price to make sure your items sell in a timely manner.


    Pricing depends on the condition of the product. If the product is new demand a high price and if the product is second-hand demand a low price.


    Add Crips Photos:

    Photos are the heart and soul of Marketplace entries. People are more likely to buy when they can see what the items actually look like. Take the time to ensure that your photographs are spotless, crisp, and precise. Using natural light to capture images is the best way to get an accurate color representation.

    Also capture images, from different angles and close up of the damaged area, this will attract potential buyers.


    Add Tags:

    It is a very important step to sell products quickly. Every marketplace offers a tag box that you must fill with the words that customers type in the search bar. With the help of tags, your products appear to interested parties when they search.


    Renew Your Listing:

    You can renew your product’s listing if it has been listed for 7 days and has not been marketed. This will return your listing to the top of the search result. You can do this by going to the Marketplace toolbar and tapping “Your Account”> “Your Listings.”


    Locate the product and select it by clicking the 3-dot icon on the listing top picture. Then, from the drop-down menu, chose the option to renew the listing. Rep these processes for renewing your product listing to increase the visibility of your stock.


    Post your Product Listing in buy and sell groups:

    There are several Facebook groups from which you get clients. It is done by posting your product listing in buy and sell groups and local Facebook groups as well. Also, advertise your product on the Facebook business page.


    Offer Local Delivery:

    Because Facebook Marketplace does not provide a fulfillment service, most item exchanges must take place in person. The issue is that most customers dislike showing up to collect the goods, particularly when it is large items such as heavy furniture.

    Consider providing free local delivery within a tolerable radius for you, and you’ll receive more attention to your listings.


    How to use Facebook Marketplace?

    You need some techniques to use the Facebook marketplace. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you in regard.

    1. Go to the Facebook account and click on the ‘shop icon’.
    2. List your products, add clear and sharp photos. Unlike other marketplaces, Facebook does not charge any fee for product listing.
    3. Add eye-catchy SEO-optimized title, description, and product tags. The title should be no more than 100 words.
    4. Choose the price of your product.
    5. Add location and target users
    6. Select where you want to publish it; publically or in specific Facebook groups.
    7. Tap publish and your item will be visible to others.
    8. Try to promote your products via Facebook Ads.

    Facebook Messenger app

    Now you have published your products. Use the Facebook messenger app and stay online to check the buyer’s message and respond to them in a timely manner.


    Select Payment Method

    Facebook has not offered a special system for local payment which means you should collect payment from your customer by contacting him. For this purpose, you can choose electronic device systems like PayPal, Wise, and Venmo. It is best to add payment method in the description.


    How can I advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

    When you use the Marketplace placement to advertise, you are not promoting an item that you intend to sell through Marketplace. Rather than, advertise in the same way that you would in the news feed or other layout choices. Here is a process to advertise your business on the Facebook marketplace.


    Facebook marketplace offers different ad objectives such as catalog sales, video views, traffic, reach, conversion. You can leave this step if you already have a Facebook ad campaign that utilizes one of these objectives. Go to the Ad Manager and tap create.

    • Select a campaign objective that you want, give it a new campaign name and tap continue.
    • Select your audience and target users. Select either Automatic or Manual Placements. (We advise using Automatic Placements. If you select Manual Placements, remember that Marketplace is not available as single ad placement and that your ad campaign should include Feed).
    • Set your budget and schedule and tap next.
    • Select the creative layout for your ad. The suggested video and image specifications are the same as those for News Feed. Make sure that you cannot crop or post unique imaginative for Marketplace ads.
    • After doing this click publish.
    • You can scan your ad updates to see how Marketplace compares to other postings. Simply choose By Delivery > Placement from the Breakdown menu.

    How to manage your Facebook Marketplace listings?

    Once you list a vehicle to the Facebook Marketplace, the listing will stay until physically deleted. This is correct even if Web Manager shows your vehicle as Sold items.


    You cannot remove listings using the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Functionality. To delete an out-of-date listing, navigate to your Facebook Marketplace Listings page. There you can also refresh or edit Facebook Marketplace listings.

    Read our guide on!


    What is Facebook Marketplace?

    Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where you can buy, sell, and market goods with people in the local area. Consider.  All trades are made outside the Facebook app and are not legally regarded as Facebook’s accountable.

    In 2016, Facebook introduced the Facebook marketplace and readily become a successful system for selling products to interested buyers. When selling locally, Facebook Marketplace is a relatively safe and more user-friendly system to use than Craigslist.


    Now, Facebook distinguishes itself from Craigslist even more by letting eligible sellers offer countrywide delivery for goods in specific categories, giving them a much larger number of customers than local-only sellers.

    There are about 2.8 billion active Facebook users and 800 million Facebook marketplace users. People often think of the Marketplace as an aggregator for people’s used or undesired household products because it emerged as a local buy/sell forum.


    However, because of its shipping option, it is also ideal for retail arbitrage, which is the practice of purchasing in-demand items from a retailer and selling it back them online at a premium cost.


    How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

    People can sell on Facebook Marketplace for free, and there is no cost to enlist  Facebook Marketplace.

    As a businessman on Facebook Marketplace, you will be charged a 5% fee on all purchases, with the lowest charge of $0.40.

    Take into account that you can only sell stuff with a price range of $5 to $500. So, if you sell a product for $5, you’ll pay $.40 even if the 5% fee is only $.25.


    What you can and can’t you sell on Facebook Marketplace

    Things you can sell

    Facebook is a marketplace where you can sell new as well as used items.

    • Clothing and accessories
    • Home decoration items
    • Garden plants
    • Tools
    • Baby accessories
    • Furniture
    • Books

    Things you can not sell

    There are some products that Facebook does not allow to sell on Facebook marketplace. If you try to list these products, Facebook will reject this listing. Here is the products that you can not sell:

    • Healthcare products
    • Alcohol
    • Ilegal or recreational drugs
    • Animals
    • Before and after pics
    • Adult products
    • Gift cards
    • Even tickets
    • Related paraphernalia weapons
    • Electronic devices

    You can sell on Facebook marketplace without any cost. Facebook charges nothing for selling locally but a 5%fee shipping fee for each order.

    Open the Facebook profile, go to the homepage and click marketplace. Then select create a new listing>choose your listing type.

    • Then upload sharp and crisp photos and add information(description + price etc).
    • Add product tags.
    • Select delivery method and tap next.
    • Hit publish to post the listing

    You must make payment arrangements with the buyer.

    Facebook suggests PayPal or cash, but you can also use an individual payment service such as Venmo or Cash App. Whatever you decide, ensure that you are clear about how you want to be paid with the customer before meeting them.

    Another factor to consider when going to meet someone to offer an item is safety. It is preferred that you bring someone with you and close the deal in a public place with other people present.