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Are 5,000 “Video Views” actually worth anything to a Facebook account?

If you are new to social media or already established, getting 5,000 Facebook Views can help your Facebook account develop well and easily get more credibility.

5,000 Facebook Video Views is a great number of views for a quick impression on the audience. 


Following are some features of this 5,000 “Video Views” package:

  • Strict Privacy Policy
  • Easy Order Process
  • Complete Data Protection


How do I buy 5000 video views for my Facebook account?

Our budget-friendly package is the best choice for your needs if you want original 5,000 video views on your Facebook profile or page.

The direct link to your Facebook video, which you want the views to be, only needs to be copied.

The link should then be pasted into the URL box. You will be directed to the checkout page, where you can enter the necessary information to finish placing your order.


Can 5000 Facebook video views make my Facebook page eligible for monetization? 

The number of video views on your videos is not a matter of monetization eligibility on your page or profile.

Before you attempt to monetize your page or profile, there are additional considerations that you need to make.

“Total minutes viewed” and “Active videos” are factors by which eligibility is determined. 

Partner Monetization Policies, Facebook Community Standards, and Content Monetization Policies are 3 guidelines that you must follow. 

You can check the next requirements after your account is clear of all these 3 guidelines.

  • 60,000 views from the total of 600,000 total minutes viewed criteria must be covered for the live videos. 
  • 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days of time for the VOD (video on demand) content least.
  • At a minimum, 5 active videos on your profile or page to qualify. They may either live or on demand. These videos should not be restored on your profile or page.
  • Also, make sure that there is a break of at least 1 minute between a minute mark for your 3+ minute videos.
  • Your videos must be at least 1 minute long to qualify for video advertisement.
  • If your videos are 3 minutes long, then make sure that you meet the in-stream ad criteria for 3+ minutes videos.