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Can “1,000 Video Views” increase the visibility of my Facebook video post?

Yes, they can increase the visibility of your Facebook post, but this benefit is conditional.

This Facebook Video Views package will help you quickly increase your visibility and growth if you are a more recent or even existing Facebook user.

The bigger the package the better the effect it has on your profile.


The additional advantages of this 1,000 Facebook Video Views package include the following:

  • Policy on Refunds
  • Safe Transactions
  • Data Privacy for Users


How do I buy 1000 video views for my Facebook account?

Organic Social Boost has the appropriate, reasonably priced packages for you.

Copying the direct link to the Facebook video post you want views on is basically all that is required to use our services.

You simply need to paste the link into the URL box on this page after copying it.

The checkout page will then be displayed to you, where you must enter all the necessary information to finish placing your order.


Can 1000 Facebook video views make my Facebook page eligible for monetization? 

Views of videos are not the primary criterion for eligibility for page and profile monetization.

A few technical criteria, including “Total minutes viewed” and “Active videos,” are used to determine it.

You and your Page must first follow these 3 principles in order to be eligible to monetize your content on Facebook.

Facebook Community Standards, Partner Monetization Policies, and Content Monetization Policies are the 3 main guidelines.

  • The last 60 days must have seen 600,000 total minutes of VOD (video on demand). 
  • There must be at least 5 active videos on the page. They can be on-demand or live. Make sure they are not videos that have been posted twice, as those do not count. 
  • From the 600,000 total minutes watched in the previous 60 days, 60,000 minutes are required to qualify for live videos.
  • The videos must be at minimum 1 minute long to be eligible for in-stream advertisements too.
  • It is advised to schedule your video content to have a regular break at the 1-minute mark if it is longer than 3 minutes.

Content must meet the minimum requirements for publishing a 3-minute video to include in-stream advertisements in your videos, even though in-stream monetization supports less than 3 minutes long.