500 Packages




How can “500 Comments” increase my post’s visibility?

Your post and its reach are directly impacted by the number of active Instagram Comments you have. These comments will help encourage more users to interact with your post.

This factor makes this “500 Comments” package ideal for your account.

The following advantage is included in this “500 Comments” package.

  • User Satisfaction
  • Simple Order Process
  • Safe Payment System


How to buy 500 Instagram comments for my post?

To start the process, the Instagram post’s link must first be copied if you want comments to appear on it. 

Put the URL in the box marked “Links on this page” after that. 

You will be directed to the checkout page, where you must enter the required information to finish placing your order


How much for 500 comments on Instagram?

500 Instagram comments will cost you $64.05 on our site.