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Are 500 TikTok Comments enough to expand the audience for your TikTok Video?

If there are at least 500 TikTok Commentson a TikTok video, there is a very good chance that it will receive good reach and video engagement.

Mid-level to large channels will profit from the significant boost offered by this affordable package.

The following are the extra features of this 500 TikTok Comments Package:

  • Genuine Comments
  • Easy Order Process
  • Genuine Comments


How to get 500 comments on Tiktok?

Our website is perfect for anyone looking to purchase a bundle of 500 Tiktok comments.  

Get this Tiktok pack by following these easy instructions.

You must first paste the link to your Tiktok post in order to receive comments on it. Copy the post link, and then paste it into the box provided on the bundle’s page.

The final step in placing an order is to enter your billing information at the checkout page.


How much for 500 comments on Tiktok?

When purchasing the comments pack from our website, you will need to pay 267 dollars for the 500 Tiktok comments pack.