Privacy Policy

Who are We? is a website that offers real social media followers and likes.


If you are a visitor and comment on our site, then we will take your Gmail and IP address for authentication. Don’t worry because your privacy is our main priority. Even you can make comments in the form of Gravatar, which is 100% safe and based on your privacy values.


While visiting our website, you need to accept all of the cookies. In cookies, we don’t use your data or anything else that relates to your security options. We don’t use the cookies option as long as you are closing the browser or our website.

The reason why we use these cookies is for the sake of saving your time. It would help if you were not worried about the cookies and other policies as you use them to protect your information in your browser. Hence, the next time you visit our website to use cookies, you don’t need to fill in the news again and again. In less time, you can save your information for future use.

If you want to use our services or wish to make comments, we will always be here to help you save your data. After you accept the cookies and use the log in option, your information is protected. Now, if you log out of the website and the next time you open the login option, we will automatically fill in the information you saved previously. It is only possible if you accept our cookies policy.


You can download and upload any media from our website. However, to upload the data, we don’t allow images that contain location data, including EXIF GPS. Apart from the location issue, you can upload any photo, video, or other media.

How Long Do We Retain Your Information?

We retain your information for a long time and delete it until you haven’t visited our website for a long time, i.e., for a year. We save your information so that we can recognize if you are authentic or not. In case you are genuine, we confirm and publish your comment without keeping it in the queue option for a long time.

Where We Send Your Data

We don’t send your data anywhere. We only save it in our browser and your browser as well. It is to recognize your authentication easily and quickly without any hurdle the next time.

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