40 Packages




How Is it beneficial for my TikTok video to have 40 TikTok Comments?

A fair price for 40 TikTok Comments on your TikTok video can help you gain more visibility and some attention.

However, more TikTok Comments can greatly increase your TikTok video’s visibility.

These benefits are part of this 40 TikTok Comments package:

  • User Data Safety
  • One Time Payments
  • PayPal and Card Payments


How to get 40 comments on Tiktok?

Our website provides straightforward instructions that you can use to obtain your pack of 40 Tiktok comments. 

The URL for your TikTok post must first be pasted into the URL box on the packages page. 

You can then place your order easily by going to the checkout page and entering your payment information.


How much for 40 comments on Tiktok?

For the 40 comments pack, you will have to pay 23 dollars when you buy the comments pack from our website.