How To Download Video From Facebook ?

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    Download Video From Facebook


    Facebook has not provided the official way to download it because of privacy issues. All you have to do is save it and watch it whenever you like.


    You can, however, download the clips from Facebook. Using the alternate ways, you can download videos. But this option is for publically videos not for private ones. In android there are are a lot of apps for this purpose and iphone users have to use third-party app. Here are ways to download it:


    To download Facebook videos on Computer:

    • Open the Facebook website, search the video you want to download.
    • Tap the video to play.
    • Tap right side on the three dots .
    • Click copy URL .
    • Paste the URL in new tab.
    • Replace www. with mbasic.
    • New page will be open.
    • Select video you want to download.
    • Right click it and select save video as
    • Pick zone where you want to save it.

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    To download facebook videos On mobile device:

    • Open the Facebook account.
    • Search the video you want to download.
    • Click three dots.
    • Tap the copy URL that appear on pop up menu.
    • Paste the URL on the mobile browser.
    • Replace the www. with mbasic.
    • Then, using the on-screen keypad, press Go.
    • Again Sign in your account.
    • Then, on the following page, press and hold on the video. A pop-up menu appear.
    • Tap download video.
    • When the download is complete, select Open to watch it.
    • You can find this saved video in your device ‘download folder’.


    How to download facebook video from Facebook Messenger?

    In nowadays, messenger is a most using communicating tool. You can send videos privately to someone in messenger instead of sharing it publically. If you wan to download a video in your device instead of keeping in social media account, you can do it by direct saving from messenger or by using alternate ways.


    Direct Download Video from Messenger :

    Direct download option will disappear after some weeks or months. So, it is best to download before the icon disappear from the app.

    In mobiles:

    • Press and hold the video in messenger you want to save.
    • Emojis as well as other options appear on the screen(save video, save video to Facebook, forward, delete).
    • Select save video.
    • The video will download in your phone’s gallery.

    In computer:

    • In messenger, double click the video.
    • It will open in full screen.
    • Three options will appear on the top left corner(download, forward, info).
    • Click download.
    • Downloaded video will save in computer.


    Alternate ways by Facebook Video Url:

    If you can not download directly from messenger, there are other alternate ways that will help to download facebook video.


    Web Browser Trick:

    • Open the video you want to download
    • Right click the video and press the copy URL at current time.
    • Paste the video url to new browser tab.
    • Remove the www and replace it with m. (it will appear the video in the mobile version).
    • Play the video and right click to select the inspect or Alt Option + Cmd + J on Mac.
    • Copy the video link ended with mp4.
    • Open link in new tab and start playing the video.
    • Right click the video and save it as.

    Use is a video downloader webpage that can download videos from messenger quickly. This site work on android as well as computer. You must still acquire the video link using Steps 1–6, rather than downloading it from a browser window, you can use this web app. If Save As isn’t functioning for you, this is the place to go.

    • Follow the above process from steps 1 to 6.
    • Open the and paste the link.
    • Hit the download button and save it in computer where you want.

    Use online downloader:

    The online video downloader is good for downloading once or two times, but it is not a great alternative for downloading on a regular basis because these webpages frequently disappear due to copyright issues.

    • Copy the link.
    • Paste the link in the search bar.
    • Click download.


    How to download Facebook videos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

    You can download videos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac easily. Here is a process:

    Download Facebook videos on iPhone and iPad:

    • Open the facebook app.
    • Search the video you want to download and tap share.
    • Click on more options and select copy.
    • On browser, open
    • Paste the link in text box by long press.
    • Select download on right, click more options.
    • Choose the video format(normal quality, HD quality).
    • Click download in the pop up menu.
    • In the files app, your downloaded video will be in my iPhone section.

    Download Facebook videos on Mac:

    4K video downloader app:

    • Install the 4k video downloader on Mac.
    • Open the Facebook video and copy the URL.
    • Open 4k app and paste a link in search bar by pressing + at the top left corner.
    • Choose the file quality( normal quality and HD quality).
    • Tap download.


    • Open keppvid in browser page.
    • Choose the facebook video.
    • select copy link.
    • Paste the URL in search bar.
    • Press enter on downloads.
    • Choose the Video format and file size.
    • Video will open in new tap, click save video as.
    • Change the file name, choose where you want to keep it and tap save.

    Using Browser Extension

    • Add download Facebook videos extensions to chrome browser.
    • Open the facebook video and copy url.
    • Open the extension at the top right corner and choose the file type.


    How to save videos on Facebook to your phone or computer?

    It is not easy to download videos from Facebook, but Facebook has provided the option bookmark or save videos to watch it later.You can watch saved videos whenever you want.

    Save, or “bookmark,” a video for later viewing

    1. Choose the video that you enjoy to save.
    2. Click three dots of the video post.
    3. Tap save videos

    All of your saved video will be held at one area. If you want to view saved videos in computer, then click Facebook icon>Watch>saved videos. If on phone click three horizontal lines> saved.


    Save a video On Computer

    There is no use of any app on computer. Don’t use any website because of trustworthy issue. Here is a completely safe method to download videos from Facebook.

    • Open the video and right click to copy the URL.
    • Open the browser, paste the URL in the address bar.
    • Replace the www. with mbasic.
    • Press enter.
    • Start playing video, right click and save video as.
    • Choose the file name and tap save.

    Save a video to your iPhone or Android device:

    Downloading videos directly from facebook is not possible, but there are number of third party apps through which you can save videos in your mobile camera roll. Friendly for Facebook is a app that works both for android device or iPhone. Here is a process to download video via this app.

    1. Download and Install Friendly for facebook app.
    2. Open the app and link it with Facebook.
    3. Log in with your regular Facebook credentials.
    4. After login, you can use this app instead of official app. It will look same as you are using the Facebook app.
    5. In the drop down menu, you will see a cloud shape button. If you want to download facebook videos, click this cloud shape button.
    6. Videos will download in your camera roll.

    Why cant I download my videos from Facebook?

    Actually, it’s difficult to determine the true reason why you can’t download Facebook videos. Rather than wasting time trying to figure out the problem, why not use a simpler method to download Facebook videos? If you are facing problem in downloading videos, there could be a following reasons.

    • You are trying to download private videos.
    • Facebook video’s URL is not recognized by downloader.
    • Downloader is not updated.
    • Your device is unable to support the downloader.

    That’s all there is to it when it comes to answering the question, “Why can’t you download videos from Facebook?” Whatever the cause of the “Facebook videos can’t download” problem is, you can use EaseUS Video Downloader to save videos from Facebook, or other websites. If you do not want to set up third-party software, you can then use an online video downloader or extension.