How to Change your Facebook Name on Desktop or Mobile and Add Nicknames?

how to change name on facebook?

Facebook is a social network where people use names they use in everyday life. If you want to add a nickname or change your Facebook name, it is a very simple process. You can easily change your name in the setting section on the desktop or mobile browser. But you are only allowed to change your Facebook name after 60 days; therefore, double-check the spelling of your name.

On desktop:

On the Mobile app:

Add Nickname:

Nickname will show at the top of your Facebook profile and help people to find your name ab.

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How to change name on Facebook mobile apps?

To change your name on the mobile app on Android or iPhone, follow these steps:

How to change the name on Facebook?

It is very simple and easy to change your Facebook name. You can change it on mobile apps, desktops, or mobile browsers; if you want to change it on a mobile browser, open

  1. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture.
  2. click setting> personal information>name>
  3. Enter name and tap review changes.

The process is the same if you want to change it in a desktop or mobile app. Instead of the profile, you have to tap on the menu icon on mobile. Also, You can buy Facebook followers from Organic Social Boost on best and affordable prices.

How do I change my name on Facebook’s mobile browser?

To change Facebook profiles name:

To change your Page name, you’ll need to be a Page admin:

  1. Tap About on the left side of your Page
  2. Under General and Username, tap edit>enter name>continue
  3. Enter request change.

How do you change your name on Facebook mobile apps?

If you want to change your name on mobile apps, you can do it easily.

Understanding Facebook’s name change policy

Facebook demands to use an actual name so that your friends and relatives can find you easily. Furthermore, the actual name can be used to check for scams, key loggers, threats, and abuses, among other things. When you use your real name, it is much easier to recover your Facebook account if you cut off access, as it recognizes both legislature and non-government IDs to authenticate you and restore your account.

Also, If you want to run ads related to any issue, a real name is necessary. Below are some essential tips that you should follow before changing your name.

Keep in mind this process is for Facebook profiles. If you want to run a business organization, create a business page. Also, You can buy Facebook post comments for boosting your Facebook post reach and engagement from Organic Social Boost. It is 100% trusted platform by Millions of users, you can rely on us.

What is Facebook’s name change policy?

Mark Zuckerberg provides a safer experience to change your name on your desktop, mobile browser, or Facebook app. If you do not follow the name change policy, you can not change your name. It is important to use a real name so that you run ads related to any issue.

Before changing your name, keep these points in your mind.

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How to change your name on Facebook on your Computer?

Facebook is a platform where you can get connected to different people worldwide. It will impact positively if the Facebook profiles’ name is real. Facebook use cookies to help provide, personalize and improve the experience on products. So, use cookies if you are using Facebook in this browser. Cookies from Facebook provide a safer experience.

To change your Page name, you’ll need to be a Page admin:

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Why can’t you change your name on Facebook?

To change the name, you have to follow the changed policy. Suppose if you can’t change your name on Facebook. there are the following reasons behind this.

These are the reason. Suppose if you are following the changed policy and still can’t change your name. Then visit the Facebook help center.

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